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MTAB Technology Center Pvt Ltd. (MTC), is a pioneer in skill training and content development – serving the needs of academic and industrial customers in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing Technology such as CNC, Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation.
manufactuerin asia MTC was established in the year 2011, with a clear vision to provide world-class training in advanced manufacturing technology and content development in this area. MTC worked with MTAB Engineers Pvt Ltd, a leading industrial solution provider for over 3 decades specializing in a diversified product portfolios in areas of CNC, FMS / CIM, Robotics and developed industry relevance and contemporary course content and skill training programs to suit the industry requirements.

MTC has been involved in both Train the Trainer and Students customers worldwide for a long period of time. Our training methodology adopted are in tune with industry requirements and our course content are designed after lots of study and research and based on contemporary technologies and inputs from industry experts.

Today MTC is accredited to NSDC and affiliated to ASDC and IASC sector skill councils. Our expertise in content development has been well recognized in the industry and we work closely with IASC sector skill as “Industry Partner” in developing course content for Automation and Robotics. MTC is the Authorised Training Center for Siemens, IHK-German Vocational Body and offer sitrain based automation courses in India.

MTC has developed world class digital content in CNC, Robotics and Automation to meet the growing worldwide requirement on e learning. MTC ‘s e learning content are designed for both self-learning as well as blended learning and has been used effectively in many skill training institutions globally.

MTC is a technical and channel partner for Siemens Industry software Private Limited (SISW) and works with Siemens in setting up center of Excellence.
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