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Our 4T Solutions

Empowering Business Excellence: Your Preferred Choice, Our Distinctive Mark.

SkillON365 is a powerhouse offering business intelligence and decision intelligence solutions through cloud-based ERP and open-source ERP systems. With our innovative 4T solution - Tool, Training, Talent, Transformation - we enhance sales and marketing, HR and admin, and finance functions, providing a holistic approach to business process management.



We offer the best tools, including Cloud ERP and Open Source ERP helping you increase your productivity.



Thorough our talent pool and project staffing solution, we offer you global talent to address your every need.



Our self-paced E-learning courses help you master and utilize tools and strategies to streamline your business operation.



We offer complete enterprise transformation services in Sales & Marketing, HR & Admin, Finance & Accounting.

Business Process Management Through Use cases

Sales & Marketing

Brand Building

Setup social channels; Customer feedback survey; Newsletter; Marketing Automation.

Lead Generation

Webform to lead; Customer booking via website; Live customized chat bot; Lead gen through signup forms. 

Sales Automation

Execute systematic lead conversion & Deal conversion workflow; Sales order management; Unified sales dashboard.

Customer Support

Capture customers issue through live chat; Customer self-service portal; Issue resolution via ticket tracking.

              HR & Admin

Talent Acquisition

Job posting in website; Job boards; manage applicants; Automate hiring process. 


Talent Onboarding

Automate onboarding process; Track applications & approval; Record and track employee assets. 


Talent Development  

Manage employee queries; Track periodic performance & skills; Manage promotions & transfer.


HR Compliance

Create & maintain digital records; Track reimbursement &loans; Mange exit process; EOY tax compliance. 

Infra Management

Create & maintain LMS; Manage employee roles; Storage, Backup; Manage data security.

Finance & Accounting

Accounting system

Audit Based accounts chart; Integrate crm customer, vendor ;Track employee expenses; Periodic dashboards for finance assets. 

Sales & Receivables

Multi lever approval system; E-invoicing with DSC signature; Automate payment reminder; Customer online payment portal. 

 Purchase & Payables

Multilevel approval system; Inventory mapping of purchase order; Automate payment notifications; Vendor portal for tracking PO.  

Finance Compliance 

Bank & payment portal integration; GST & Income tax Integrate with payroll; multi-level use access & approval; Manage, track & Trace records. 

We excel in providing cutting-edge Cloud ERP and Open Source ERP solutions, supported by robust Business Intelligence and Decision Intelligence tools.

Tools We Offer


For Institutes
For Enterprises
For Institutes

Streamlined Operations 

Simplify administrative tasks, manage student data efficiently, and automate processes to streamline day-to-day operations.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Utilize technology to create immersive learning environments, track student progress, and optimize educational resources.

Effective Communication

Facilitate seamless communication between faculty, students, and administrators through integrated platforms and communication tools.

For Enterprises

Sales & Marketing Enhancement

Amplify your brand presence, streamline lead generation, and automate sales processes to boost revenue streams.

Efficient HR & Admin

Optimize HR operations, automate administrative tasks, and empower your workforce for greater productivity.

Robust Financial Management

Ensure financial stability, streamline accounting processes, and gain insights for strategic decision-making.

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Skillon365 proudly collaborates with renowned software providers such as Odoo to deliver tailored, comprehensive solutions for institutes and enterprises.

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