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5 Major Challenges of Classroom Learning and How to Overcome Them (With a Single Solution)
Whether it is the traditional blackboard and white chalk or the more recent whiteboard and colored markers you opt for, classroom teaching is fast becoming an outdated form of knowledge sharing.
16.05.23 11:59 AM - Comment(s)
Online AMT Upskilling: Self-learn & Benefit through the Lockdown
With the current Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and working from home have become the new normal. This has meant considerable disruption to business activity, but has also resulted in a lot of free time on our hands as individuals.
16.05.23 11:52 AM - Comment(s)
Industry 4.0: Heralding a New Era of Digitization
Digital manufacturing has transformed the nature of the modern workplace, revolutionizing the global economy in the process.
16.05.23 11:45 AM - Comment(s)