5 Major Challenges of Classroom Learning and How to Overcome Them (With a Single Solution)

16.05.23 11:59 AM Comment(s)

Whether it is the traditional blackboard and white chalk or the more recent whiteboard and colored markers you opt for, classroom teaching is fast becoming an outdated form of knowledge sharing.

While we don’t necessarily feel that the classroom should be eliminated entirely, here are a few reasons why we do think you should consider using more advanced methods of teaching and learning in the current scenario:

Delays in learning/teaching

A physical classroom session is faced with a number of limitations and is therefore prone to delays in the teaching and learning process. Take, for example, the simple fact that each class is bound by a specific time slot. The teacher and students are prone to certain inevitable distractions during these slots, including those caused by factors within and outside the classroom.

Moreover, delays in syllabus completion also occur since the physical presence of a teacher and all students cannot be guaranteed on every working day. Predictable breaks such as weekends and holidays as well as non-foreseeable disruptions caused by bad weather and – as we’ve come to know more recently – outbreaks of diseases can also have an impact on the regularity of classes and, thereby, cause delays in the learning/teaching process.

The slow evolution of learning content

A number of students, especially in technical fields of education, feel that their college education did not prepare them well enough for the challenges of the present world. Why? Because technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but the syllabi of higher education institutions have not kept up.

It takes a minimum of five years for a syllabus to change – due to obvious limitations in the education system and the need to compile quality content and print them in the form of books for students. Teachers, too, will need continuous training in order to be equipped for teaching updated syllabi and this can further lead to delays in implementing new syllabi.

Yes! At MTC, we propose e-learning – both as a method of learning that students can take up independently and as a tool for teachers to supplement their standard academic syllabus. 

It is a method that would allow students to take up and go through learning material at their own pace, albeit within stipulated timelines.

MTC’s very own robust learning management system (LMS), SkillON365, comes packaged with advanced learning courses in CNC, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Automation, offering 1000+ hours of rich digital content in the form of 60+ courses. We keep the content as interactive as possible with a variety of learning formats and continuously update our courses to make sure they are in keeping with the latest in today’s technology. 

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