Abhyaz: Talent Management Solution

Abhyaz provides a talent management platform for organizations and individuals. Organizations can operate remote internships and manage training verticals on this platform. Individuals can build their talent with our remote internships and bootcamps.

Train 4.0

Increasing operational efficiency of training organizations (manufacturing) with Training Investment Utilization Maps.

Our customers are Independent Training Centers & Captive Training Centers in Manufacturing Organizations.

Intern 4.0

Delivering Future Remote Workforce & Knowledge Management solutions to people-centric organizations.

Our customers are knowledge organizations with 500+ employees, converting 30% into a remote / gig workforce.

CNCTrain: Skill Delivery Solution

Skill Delivery Platform for Manufacturing OEMs, Skill Universities & alike. OEMs can digitize captive training operations & operate Digital Skill hubs for their ecosystem. Skill Universities & alike can deliver skills with our assessments, workshops & courses.

Smart Manufacturing Workforce Development

Improving organization's talent availability with SOP digitization, Standard Learning Library & Manufacturing LMS.

Our customers are Manufacturing Organizations investing in training infrastructure for a large workforce.

Smart Manufacturing Skill Hub

Increasing OEM's technical talent availability, through skill development via Digital Skill Hubs.

Our partners are Manufacturing / Technology OEMs & their Installed base in Training centers / educational institutions.