Traceability:at ease through cloud ERP 

12.01.24 05:51 PM Comment(s)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a boon to any kind of industry, does the same to address traceability in the food industry too. Demanding greater transparency from the customer end and complying with government regulations, traceability is a main factor that, when handled strategically, gives a good market reach to any food product.

Benefits of cloud ERP 

      • Providing data right away
      • Non-stop tracking
      • Remote access
      • Data management
      • Process check
      • Natural sorting
      • Automated reports
      • Timely awareness

The food industry is very dependent on the shelf life of the products and the source of raw materials. This quality check needs tracing from the raw material until it is packed. Since the process is critical, the manual system of tracking is very error-prone. So cloud ERP enhances the same methodology but without inter-dependency, as it automatically provides insights then and there to make us process-aware. The complexity is simplified.

How does Cloud ERP handle traceability ?

Market awareness through acknowledging real-time data
Quality control through constant tracking.
Potential food safety issues through report generation.
 Reduce waste through sorting.
Notify geographical challenges.
Inform local requirements.
Let us know of an outbreak of a foodborne illness.


A swarm of befitting benefits would be a promise through cloud ERP for handling traceability in the food industry. It indirectly holds up the reputation of the brand, as the whole process is flawless.